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Ron DeSantis news – live: DeSantis floats pardoning Trump and ...

Ron DeSantis launches 2024 presidential bid on Twitter

Listen: Ron DeSantis’s presidential launch suffers major technical issues

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Ron DeSantis’ hotly-anticipated 2024 campaign launch fell flat on Wednesday night when it was marred by technical glitches from the off.

The Florida governor, 44, chose to announce his presidential run in an unconventional way – in a Twitter Spaces event with Elon Musk and David Sacks.

But, the event got off to a rocky start when it crashed several times and the sound repeatedly dropped out.

While Musk claimed the servers were overwhelmed by the sheer amount of people tuning in to listen, Mr DeSantis faced ridicule for the underwhelming launch from online commentators and both sides of the political aisle.

Mr DeSantis, seen as Donald Trump’s biggest rival for the Republican vote, sought to brush off the debacle on Fox News interview and has doing the rounds of rightwing media on Thursday.

In one interview he said, if elected president, he would consider pardons for those charged with January 6 offences, from people at the Capitol riot all the way up to Mr Trump.

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DeSantis laughs off Trump’s mocking nicknames

“You can call me whatever you want just make sure you call me a winner because that’s what we’ve done in the state of Florida — and that’s exactly what we would do nationally, not only in the election but actually bringing all these great policies to bear” he said, without mentioning Mr Trump by name, in an interview with Fox News.

Oliver O'Connell26 May 2023 07:45

DeSantis says attacks by Trump show he knows 'I’ve got a good chance to beat him'

Florida governor Ron DeSantis has said that Donald Trump’s slew of attacks directed at him after he announced his bid for presidency shows that the former president knows that he can beat him.

“I think a lot of what he’s doing is showing everyone that he understands that I’ve got a good chance to beat him, because he doesn’t criticise anybody else now. It’s only me,” Mr DeSantis said in an interview with host Jack Heath on “The Pulse of New Hampshire”, reported Fox News.

“They wouldn’t do that if they didn’t think that I had chance because I think they realize that I am offering folks a record of achievement that’s second to none.”

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Sravasti Dasgupta26 May 2023 07:15

Will what won Florida for DeSantis win America for him too?

John Bowden profiles the highest-profile Republican seeking to dethrone Donald Trump.

Oliver O'Connell26 May 2023 06:45

DeSantis pushes past embarrassing campaign start, outlines travel schedule for early state visits

Florida governor Ron DeSantis has sought to push past an embarrassing beginning to his presidential campaign, outlining an aggressive travel schedule as his allies insisted they remain well funded and well positioned for a long Republican primary fight ahead.

While DeSantis supporters privately acknowledged the bungled announcement was an unwelcome distraction, there was a broad sense — even among some Republican critics — that it would likely have limited long-term political consequences, if any at all.

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Sravasti Dasgupta26 May 2023 06:15

Could Ron DeSantis beat Donald Trump?

Eric Garcia and Andrew Feinberg write:

He’s a ubiquitous presence in conservative media with a reputation as an anti-woke warrior who has used a compliant state legislature to make Florida a mecca for Trump-era Republicanism.

But if Ron DeSantis wants to be president, he has to defeat Donald Trump and Joe Biden, and prominent Florida politicians aren’t so sure either of those things will ever happen.

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Oliver O'Connell26 May 2023 05:45

Video resurfaces of Ron DeSantis ‘wiping snot’ on elderly supporter

Ron DeSantis’s bid to become to the Republican Party’s 2024 presidential candidate got off to a wretched start on Wednesday, when the Twitter Spaces event at which he made his announcement in the company of Elon Musk was hit by a series of technical glitches.

Discussing the “DeSaster” on her MSNBC show The ReidOut on Wednesday night, anchor Joy Reid joined in the mockery of the event and showed a clip of Mr DeSantis meeting supporters at a fundraising bash in Sioux Center, Iowa, last weekend in which he wipes his hand across his face before patting an elderly gentleman sitting nearby on the shoulder.

“Part of running for office is shaking hands,” the host commented. “Not only does this dude eat pudding with his hands, he literally wipes his nose and wiped snot on somebody’s shirt. We have [video] of it.

Read more:

Sravasti Dasgupta26 May 2023 05:15

DeSantis mocked yet again for campaign ad packed with Elon Musk footage

The “DeSantis War Room” Twitter account released a stylised advertisement of over three minutes that was roundly mocked for heavily featuring Elon Musk, whose platform was used for the Republican’s long-awaited campaign announcement.

Shweta Sharma reports.

Oliver O'Connell26 May 2023 04:45

Biden mocks chaotic DeSantis 2024 launch

President Joe Biden poked fun at Ron DeSantis as the Florida governor’s 2024 campaign kickoff during a Twitter Spaces event with CEO Elon Musk was riddled with tech issues.

David Taintor reports.

Oliver O'Connell26 May 2023 03:45

What is Twitter Spaces and what went wrong last night?

Ron DeSantis’s long-anticipated 2024 campaign bid for the White House on Twitter Spaces was marred by a host of glitches that gave his political rivals enough ammunition to mock the Florida governor.

Long silences and persistent echoes marred Mr DeSantis’s Wednesday announcement that he made on Twitter’s audio group-chat feature with billionaire Elon Musk who has long boasted about several overhauls to the social media platform to make it better than it was under previous leadership.

Vishwam Sankaran reports.

Oliver O'Connell26 May 2023 03:15

Voices: The right’s delusions about Ron DeSantis

Eric Garcia writes:

Republicans would love to be able to have a sort of super-candidate who could simultaneously pass all of the policies Mr Trump enacted, nominate all of his judges, not fire off tweets that cause them headaches, but also help them get back on the path of victories in the suburbs while also not alienating the very non-college-educated voters (including a non-negligible slice of people of colour) that Mr Trump brought into the Republican fold.

But Mr DeSantis likely isn’t that candidate and he certainly isn’t the beta version of Mr Trump. If anything, he is likely to be the next version of Ted Cruz.


Oliver O'Connell26 May 2023 02:45

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