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WRC Generations Xbox update finally fixes force feedback issues

The latest WRC Generations Xbox update finally fixes wheel force feedback issues. Here are the WRC Generations Xbox update patch notes.

WRC Generations should also now recognise Fanatec wheels on Xbox.

Since launching earlier this month, WRC Generations has been plagued with problems on Xbox.

First, early access didn't work in the Fully Loaded Edition. After that, players have encountered numerous wheel issues with WRC Generations on Xbox.

After working with Microsoft to find a solution, the latest WRC Generations Xbox update claims to fix these force feedback problems.

WRC Xbox update fixes force feedback issues

As noted in the patch notes, the latest WRC Xbox November update fixes force feedback issues for Thrustmaster TX, TMX, TS-XW and Logitech G920 wheels.

Additionally, compatible Fanatec wheels are now recognised. Previously, connecting a Fanatec wheel caused the Xbox game to crash and boot back to the console dashboard.

KT Racing notes that players may still find issues with other Thrustmaster peripherals. An update is already in development to solve this.

There still are force feedback issues with Logitech steering wheels, but KT Racing says a future Logitech G HUB update should resolve this. It’s taken nearly a month, but WRC Generations is now finally playable with a wheel on Xbox.

WRC Generations Xbox update

KT Racing is also working to fix other reported issues including the throttle only being effective when pressed at least 95 per cent.

An update will also be out for PlayStation consoles next week addressing the same issues as other platforms.

More details can be found in the patch notes and known issues list below.

WRC Generations 23 November patch notes


Xbox One:

Xbox Series X|S:

  • Fixed random crash with some Thrustmaster peripherals.

Note: Some Thrustmaster peripherals might still encounter issues, an additional update to resolve them is under development.

  • Fixed an issue preventing to see specific Career screens on an Nvidia 4090 card
  • Fixed a crash when DLSS FG was activated without DLSS SR at launch
  • Fixed a crash after tutorial when player nickname used specific typeface within the Drivercard

Note: There still are FFB issues with Logitech steering wheels, this should be resolved by a future update of the Logitech G HUB.


  • Fixed an issue which prevented Fanatec base to recognize any steering wheel
  • Fixed FFB issues on the following steering wheels: Thrustmaster TX, TMX, TS-XW and Logitech G920
Fixed in a future update
  • The throttle is only effective when pressed to at least 95%.
  • In Clubs you can use your own liveries in Realistic Rallies, creating potential issues.
  • In Leagues the wrong groups can be displayed in some Leagues.
  • There is an invisible obstacle appearing in Turkey SSS Marmaris. The stage has temporarily been disabled in competitive modes and will be re-enabled when the issue is fixed in a future patch.
  • Wet tyres don't have as much of a meaningful improvement over soft tyres as they should have.
  • In Leagues and Clubs, car setup and tyres selection are only considered in the first special stage of a rally, not in the following stages.
  • There are sound issues with Audi Quattro 1 and Skoda Fabia Rally2.
  • Added tooltips explaining each car setup option
  • Added understandable information on content involving DLCs (Liveries using DLC stickers, Liveries using DLC cars, Stickers using DLC stickers...)
PC Only
  • Some Nvidia DLSS option interdependencies are wrong.
PlayStation Consoles Only
  • There is an issue where users couldn't create a new team or save a new Livery when system language is set to Japanese
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